High-Tech Headache Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL, Area for Lasting Relief

Customized Care Plans and Advanced Cone Beam Imaging Analysis for Gentle, Effective Headache Treatment

If you've experienced chronic headaches or migraines, you understand the impact they have on your daily life. They interfere with your responsibilities and steal your free time. Pain medications may offer temporary relief, but they don't get to the root of the problem.

At Growth Chiropractic, we seek to understand what's causing your migraines or recurring headaches. Those causes could include:

  • A whiplash accident (car accident / or other trauma)
  • Concussion
  • Environmental stress
  • Micro-trauma to the neck
  • Pressure on or damage to the trigeminal nerve
  • Poor posture
  • Cervical spine or tissue damage
  • Underlying illness
  • Effect of a medication taken for another condition

When you visit our office in Jacksonville, we'll discuss your lifestyle and health history. With cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), we take a detailed 3D x-ray of your spine, so we can precisely identify any misalignment that could be contributing to your headaches.

Our treatment approach is intentional and gentle. For decades, chiropractors have used small, gentle adjustments to help patients find lasting relief, and with today's technology, we're able to be even more precise with our care. We use instrument-assisted, EPIC upper cervical, Advanced Orthogonal, and Atlas Orthogonal techniques along with ongoing imaging analysis to monitor your progress and make sure your treatment plan is on the right track.

Headache Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL
Headache Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL

While we do offer traditional chiropractic adjustments upon request and if medically necessary, we prefer the gentlest possible option. When it comes to your atlas, the top bone in your neck, we only use sound waves to make small corrections.

As a headache treatment option, we customize your corrective and wellness care to match your lifestyle needs and health goals, and we'll adjust it as necessary depending on your response to treatment. Your work with us is a partnership, and we make it easy to schedule and reschedule your appointments, ask questions, and get the headache relief you've been looking for. Fill out our contact form to schedule your consultation in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

Hear It From Headache Patients Now Enjoying a Higher Quality of Life

At Growth Chiropractic, we've worked with people throughout the Jacksonville area to address issues like vertigo, migraines, whiplash and other accident trauma, postural problems, neck and back pain, and more. This is what our patients have to say about Dr. Chevonne and the team at Growth Chiropractic:

"I have went to Dr. Chevonne a few times now and she has adjusted me utilizing upper cervical technique with great results. I have scoliosis causing low back pain and after my first visit my low back felt relief for the first time in years. The best part is the adjustment was so light on my neck, but the results showed in a whole different part of my body. Highly recommend!"

- Camden Ledy

"I have had chronic low back pain for years and was told it was because of an anomaly in one of my bones. After my first upper cervical adjustment I was resting on the table in disbelief, because my low back was not hurting anymore. "

- J. Rivera

"Physically and mentally, I feel much less stressed and tense while under upper cervical care. My body simply functions better and I can tell!"

- N. Jobarah

"Dr. Horvath is incredible! I started chiropractic care 15 years ago and have seen many different chiropractors over those years. Dr. Horvath possesses a wealth of knowledge and incredible demeanor that leave me confident that I'm in good hands. She was able to help with all my aches and pains and I would highly recommend her to anyone in the Jacksonville area!"

- Sean Thorogood

"Dr. Chevonne did an incredible job taking care of my wife and I. I HIGHLY recommend anyone in the Jacksonville area to see Dr. Chevonne. We could not be happier!"

- Paul Cundiff

"Definitely recommend Growth Chiropractic, Dr. Horvath is very knowledgeable and helpful. I have seen results since first visit."

- Nancy Nakhla

"Dr. Chevonne Horvath helped clear my chronic mid back pain from scoliosis. She is thorough, caring, and listens to what you have to say. She is concerned with my overall health which is so refreshing! If you're looking for a chiropractor who can treat your complaint efficiently with thoroughness and excellent bed-side manner, Growth Chiropractic is for you! Thanks again, Dr. Chevonne."

- Katie Cunningham

"I noticed the right side of my head was warm within minutes of my adjustment, and immediately I felt very relaxed."

- K. Horvath

The Growth Chiropractic Advantage

With cutting-edge technology, customized care plans based on your needs and your progress, and gentle techniques, we've become the go-to headache treatment clinic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Our science-backed approach to chiropractic includes detailed images of your upper cervical spine, so we can see exactly what's happening in your body—there's no guesswork involved. This is how we've built our reputation in the Jacksonville area:

Headache Treatment in Jacksonville Beach, FL
  • Advanced Technology: We offer cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), sound wave adjustments, and more.
  • Easy Scheduling: Get on the schedule as quickly as possible and reschedule appointments as necessary via our user-friendly app.
  • Personalized Care: We get to know you, your health history, and your lifestyle goals before treatment begins, and we carefully monitor your progress and adapt the care approach as needed to help you get results as quickly as possible.
  • Transparency: We'll explain what's happening in your body and what we plan to do to solve your health challenges.
  • A History of Success: Our treatment approach has helped countless patients find lasting headache relief.

We offer a free consultation so you can see if Growth Chiropractic is the right place for you. Fill out the contact form to get started.

See Us at Work in Our Comfortable, Welcoming Space

Our First Priority Is Your Relief

Our services are tailored to meet your needs, and we adapt your care plan according to how your body responds to treatment. Through it all, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure we're getting the most accurate details about your spine. This is what we do:

Your first cervical vertebra is called the atlas. It protects the brain stem, and all nerves that travel from the brain to the body pass through and around it—so if it's out of alignment, it can negatively impact many different parts of your body, including your muscles, ligaments, and body systems. We start by using gentle sound waves to adjust your atlas, making small improvements over a period of time to achieve lasting relief. Learn more about upper cervical adjustments on our Upper Cervical Chiropractic page.

Many people turn to medications to deal with headaches, but that temporary pain relief doesn't actually solve the problem. At Growth Chiropractic, we look to find the source of your headaches and address it with a personalized treatment plan. Visit our Headaches page to learn more.

Vertigo is a complex condition that can manifest with dizziness, headaches, anxiety, balance issues, double vision, excessive sweating, and more. It's often thought of as a problem with the inner ear, but if those inner ear treatments don't solve the problem, what do you do? It's important to know that your vertigo could be a result of a misalignment in your spine, especially your upper cervical spine. If communication between your brain and the rest of your body is blocked or altered, it could result in vertigo symptoms. Learn more about how we can help you find relief and get back to your daily life on our Vertigo page.

Neck pain very often results from misalignments in the neck, especially the upper cervical spine. This can be caused by a fall, car accident, concussion, whiplash injuries, and even smaller incidents like sleeping in bad positions, sitting in hunched positions for long periods of time, or certain repetitive motions practiced over many years. Even if you misaligned your upper cervical spine in a car crash or sporting accident 20 years ago, getting corrected today can bring pain relief. Visit our Neck Pain page to learn more.

What to Expect When You Start Your Chiropractic Care Plan

At Growth Chiropractic, we follow a simple, proven process and work with determination and focus to ensure you get the results you need to enjoy a higher quality of life. It's easy to get started, and we're here to answer your questions along the way:

Experienced Chiropractic Care for Headache Treatments Serving Jacksonville Beach, FL, and the Surrounding Area

The Growth Chiropractic office is located in Jacksonville, just minutes from the Mayo Clinic, the Jacksonville Golf and Country Club, Patton Park, and Tamaya. We proudly serve patients from Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, Queen's Harbor, the Mayport Naval Station, and many other area communities. Fill out our contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

You Don't Have to Live With Chronic Headaches or Migraines

You deserve to experience total-body wellness. Just because you haven't found a solution to your headaches yet doesn't mean there isn't one.

Whether you're experiencing migraines, vertigo, neck pain, or back pain, the experts at Growth Chiropractic in Jacksonville Beach, Florida,  are here to help. Our work is guided by years of education and training, advanced technology, and a commitment to helping you achieve lasting results. Fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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